"Das ist kein Spielzeug".



Comprised of Ballistic Nylon with Urethane and Aramid ballistic components. Suited for extreme cold temperature application.

Ready for the top racers.

Large visual Profile for the racer and spectator.

Low inertia, Lightweight 360 g. Not a projectile.

UV stabilized high visibility
® colors.

Keep rolled-up inside bag when not in use

Additional ski edge protection area.

500,000+ repetitions, hinge area ‘bend/stress’ test.

Length 68" (OL)172 cm;  15-20 iGates
® fit into 28 Liters, 1 cu’.

Superior wind stability. Write on gate numbers.

Replaces gate panels with safe, side by side, iGates
® arrangement. NEW.

Patented retention in the slope, less course re-setting for training. No time wasted during a race.

Discover your own skiing style. No Angst training.

No pole guards please due to screw heads etc.

"Speed, agility, imagination with iGates® "

Career extender for Masters Racers.

S. Dag left, C. Sprenger

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+1 970 404 0559

Airkipp, LLC

848 County Rd. 106

Carbondale, CO 81623

United States of America

  ....there is a better way

Finally a new gate system in years!

Ready for the top racers.

2019 Model  with Tyvek advertising sleeves

Remove iGates® from snow:

of Edge protector ONLY.

Pull/tug with both hands.
ROLL up the iGates® immediately and place into BAG.
For high level racing add 3 seconds of  additional air with the pump.


Please note that monitor settings, color settings, and lighting may cause shifts in product colors shown on website.

* Warning: Skiing iGates® can be  hazardous, use appropriate protection at all times.

Read instructions carefully for safety. Not for Children under 8 years. Ski iGates® at your own risk!

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iGates® Airkipp® the latest model experienced by skiing pros with various skiing styles.

The skiing style recommended by your humble inventor is clearing the gate with the whole body across the chest, one arm outside the gate. In essence eliminate the 'hand blocking' distraction, maintain a balanced stance. Experiment your own style.

Product demo available, call us at 970.404.0559

  ...I love iGates®!

Safer- Lighter- Better