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 Das ist kein Spielzeug.


...just the facts ma'am

Comprised of Ballistic Nylon with Urethane and other ballistic  components. Extreme cold temperature application.

Large visual Profile for the racer and spectator.

Low inertia, Lightweight 385 g. Not a projectile.

UV stabilized, high visibility

Additional edge protection area.

500,000+ repetitions, hinge area ‘bend/stress’ test.

 OL173 cm, 68"-  20 iGates© fit into 28 Liters, 1 cu’.

Superior wind stability.

iPack Kit© - engineered inflation system+custom Drill.

"Write on gate numbers with a pen on to a piece of removable iGate© custom duct tape. This is a MFR permitted application including the

  iSleev +iGuard12© products.

Replaces current gate panels with safe, side by side iGate
© arrangements. Adios GP. Auf Wiedersehen.

Patented retention in the slope, less course resetting for training. No time wasted during a race."

 No pole guards please.

Discover your skiing style. Race and train without Angst.

©2016  Airkipp, LLC. 

 iGates© a nutshell 

iGate©PRO-  W 375 g, 13.4 oz.

 OL 173 cm, 68"

Phone: 970 404-0559

Stefan Dag

USA & Canada Distributor

Other countries please contact:


Made in USA

Airkip®, iGates©, Air Gate®, LFT©  & Luftstangen©  are © 2016 of Airkipp, LLC

*100 iGates min. order required.


* Please note that monitor settings, color settings, and lighting may cause shifts in product colors shown on website.

©2014/15/16  Airkipp, LLC. International Patents issued & pending.

Airkipp®,  Air Gate®,  iGate®, LFT©, Luft Stangen©, iSleeve© &  iGuard12© SD

Roll up


FREE inflation Kit/Drill included*

inflatable Gate  =  iGate© or  iGateK©

Airkipp, LLC

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Carbondale, CO 81623


iGateK©- W 315 g, 11.6 oz.

 OL 142 cm, 56"


Achtung: Team iGate© ist wieder am Gletscher/Demo- Ende August/Sept!

Twitter:   @Airkipp


Four basic rules:  iGates©friendly

1. Decal and valve face downhill.

2.  Fill to correct pressure. 19 psi. Auto fill.

3. Setup iGate© nice and straight and to the same depth.

4. After removal from the snow immediately roll up iGate© place in a bag = storage + color protection.

iGate Airkipp must be dry for long term storage.