inflatable Gate  =  iGate© or  iGateK©

safer-lighter- better

First really new gate system in 38 years!

iGateK, yellow

iGate Pro, blue

Hi Stefan
We have a range of kids from 9 – 18.
At the moment I would say that they are great for kids up to 13. It would actually be better to have U8 - U12 races with these gates.
Mark Tilston
Executive Director
Whistler Mountain Ski Club


Das ist kein Spielzeug.


...just the facts ma'am


Comprised of Ballistic Nylon with Urethane components. Extreme cold temperature application.

Large visual Profile for the racer and spectator.

Low inertia, Lightweight 370 g. Not a projectile.

UV stabilized high visibility
iGate© colors.

Additional edge protection area.

500,000+ repetitions, hinge area ‘bend/stress’ test.

 OL173 cm, 68";  20 iGate© fit into 28 Liters, 1 cu’.

Superior wind stability.

Write on gate numbers with a  pen on to a piece of duct tape as shown on the right.

Replaces gate panels with safe, side by side, iGate© arrangement.

Patented retention in the slope, less course resetting for training. No time wasted during a race.

 No pole guards please.

Discover your own skiing style.

©2016  Airkipp, LLC.

Helmet, Goggles and mouth guard important.

The no pain inflatable racing gates

Airkipp, LLC

848 County Rd. 106

Carbondale, CO 81623

United States of America


For Kids  U 8 - U 12.

iGateK© is 142 cm, 56" OL; 

W 320 g, 11.2 oz.

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