The no pain inflatable racing gates


First new gate system in 38 years!

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Check out the date...1979


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* Warning: Skiing iGates® can be  hazardous, use appropriate protection at all times.

Read instructions carefully for safety. Not for Children under 8 years. Ski iGates® at your own risk!

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"...For years I thought someone would come up with a solution to overcome the inherent dangers of the hard extruded gates and flag panels,  but no one could".

"I enjoy the challenge:


Improve every negative issue inherent of the old hard-ware."

"This is a completely new solution to skiing gates." 


"...There is a big difference between contact at speed, by something solid that could weigh up to 2.8 lbs,  or a soft air column with advanced materials that weigh a fraction of the present hard-ware.

My idea and technology have caught up to improve the sport".

iGates will replace flag panels forever.

 Move freely...safer-lighter-better.

"My team and I will challenge you to test and experience Airkipp®iGates®, then discover your own racing style"     Stefan A. Dag, Inventor. USA/EU 2016



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Stefan A. Dag 

Our Founder and CEO shares his time together with Alexandra, between Tirol, his homeland and Colorado, USA.

Stefan  Dag contributed to ski racing in a unique way. 

Together with Peter Laehy, he invented & patented the original hinged slalom gate for snow skiing 1977/86: Rapidgate®

Fast forward:  After several  years in development


is the reincarnation.

The modern approach to slalom gate and safety marker technology.

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